is the personification of the Algarve Region of Portugal. Used to be known as Al-Gharb Al-Andalus before the Reconquista.


  • Name: Algarve Region (Região do Algarve)
  • Language: Portuguese
  • Human name: Adão da Silva Alcaide
  • Sex: M
  • Physical age: 28 yo
  • Height: 177 cm
  • Weight: N/A
  • Hair color: Dark brown
  • Eye color: Sea green

Headcanons Edit

  • His voice image is Miyano Mamoru in his role as Setsuna F. Seiei (G00) and Fushimi Saruhiko (K). 
  • To the world, Algarve is a cheerful man who is willing to help them, showing them around his place, of the beauty that is Portugal, and accomodate all their needs during their stay for a price, who will then send them off with a smile and a hearthy goodbye when they ran out of money, don’t forget to come here again next year! To the Iberians, Algarve is an unreadable man who only talked when he needs to make a point. But everyone agrees that he can be a very annoying troll (must be something he inherited from the Caliphate of Trolldoba ).
  • Algarve used to think that Omayyah loved his brother Andalusia more than him because their father spent more time in Andalusia’s place, showering the younger boy with all the best things in the world while often sending Algarve away to fortify the borders and fend off the Christians. When the capital moved from Seville to Cordoba, even farther than Algarve’s station, he started to find excuses not to go home. By the time Portugal and Spain started living with Omayyah, he hadn’t gone home for a while. He was one of the Taifas to split away from the caliphate after it weakened considerably.
  • Nowadays, when alone with Andalusia, Algarve talks in Andalusian Arabic. The language is supposed to have extincted with the death of the last human native speaker centuries ago, but it was an unspoken agreement between the brothers to use it. Talking in the language reminds them of of a simpler time when they were just children, had a father and didn’t have to be separated and fight each other. It also reminded them that they are family no matter what happened all these centuries.
  • There are times when Algarve has to sit down and just let his emotion get the best of him. He prefers to do it at one of his beaches, only accompanied by cigarettes. Nobody ever sees him like that and he prefers it that way.
  • Algarve’s cooking is passable. He prefers eating out. However, when someone stays over at his place, he at least cooks breakfast. 
  • Algarve has been moving around in the past few centuries from Silves to Lagos depending on where Portugal needs him to be, though currently he mainly lives in a small apartment in downtown Faro. He doesn’t keep much of personal things and prefers to keep everythings plain and simple with minimal attachments in case he had to drop everything in split second. He usually just leaves his house unlocked in case anyone needs to use it. 
  • Algarve sleeps like the dead. 
  • Like Portugal, while he is pretty adept at using a sword, Algarve prefers using firearms. He is a pretty good sharpshooter and often takes the role of a sniper. 

Relationships Edit

Superior. Also younger brother, though unknown to Portugal.
Co-worker and friend with benefit.
Younger brother.

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