is the personification of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, Spain. Used to be known as Al-Sharq Al-Andalus before the Reconquista.


  • Name: Andalusia
  • Language: Castilian Spanish, Andalusian Spanish
  • Human name: Alejandro Alcaide Carriedo de Cordoba
  • Sex: M
  • Physical age: 28 yo
  • Height: 180 cm
  • Weight: N/A
  • Hair color: Dark brown
  • Eye color: Dark green

Headcanons Edit

  • His voice image is Inoue Go in his role as Keith Goodman/Sky High (T&B), particularly in ep.15. 
  • Andalusia loves sweets to a fault. It is the easiest method to bribe him. 
  • Sometimes Andalusia is not as oblivious as he seems to be when it comes to Extremadura’s attention. However, he prefers not to notice, because he doesn’t want to delude himself into thinking that he might be important for Extre. 

Relationships Edit

Younger brother.
Older brother.

Author's NotesEdit

  • Why is Andalusia the same character with Al-Andalus?
Historically, it would have made sense to have Al-Andalus disappear after the 14th century because as a political entity, the last of Al-Andalus (or more correctly, the Almohads) ended with the fall of Granada to the hands of Castile and Aragon. I had two choices to continue with Andalusia, first is to make him as a continuation of the old Muslim kingdoms of Al-Andalus and come up with an explanation of why it is so, or to have him as a new entity that was born after Autonomy Act. Here, I try to draw a parallel with Italy. As in, Republic of Italy as a political entity only existed after the Reunification, but Chibitalia already existed during the Reneissance, where in actual, Italy was more of an area with several comunes like Genoa or Venetia. Like Northern Italy, al-Sharq al-Andalus (east of Andalus) was not a political entity per se. It was more of a collective area in which several Muslim cities, later taifas, existed, with cultural similarity. Which is why I made a clear distinction between Andalusia (eastern Andalusian area later becoming its own province), Algarve (western Andalusian area later becoming its own province), the Umayyads (Middle Eastern dynasty of Caliphate turn Emirate turn Caliphate), the Berbers (African people and culture part of the Caliphate), the Almoravids (dynasty of Caliphate succeeding the Umayyads), and the Almohads (dynasty of Caliphate succeeding the Almoravids). While Andalusia as a political existance is pretty recent, but Andalusia as a cultural existance did go back from long time (which is why (according to my readings) the Spanish in the Latin America is closer to Andalusian Spanish instead of Castillian Spanish). I know I took a big risk in making Andalusia existing before the Reconquista, but when considering the mudejars and moriscos, once considered people of the al-Andalus, whose descendants still live especially in Andalusia and whose culture are part of the modern day Andalusian culture, I decided that it made sense. Yes, the history of Andalusia as a Castilian region first, then Spanish, began in the thirteenth century with the conquest of the kingdoms of Cordoba, Seville and Jaen, but I believe that the people and culture of Andalusia existed before the Castilian conquest.