is the personification of the Centro Region of Portugal.


  • Name: Centro Region (Região Centro)
  • Language: Portuguese
  • Human name: Sérgio Pereira Rocha
  • Sex: M
  • Physical age: 28 yo
  • Height: 182 cm
  • Weight: N/A
  • Hair color: Light brown
  • Eye color: Brown

Headcanons Edit

  • His voice image is Kamiya Hiroshi in his role as Orihara Izaya (DRRR). 
  • Centro is good with canons. He uses quick mathematical calculations in his head to aim at his target and he rarely misses, no matter how antique his canons are, unless he means to miss. He also likes to use anything that goes boom. 
  • He used to be a (relatively) innocent scholar and the only sane person in the peninsula. Hanging around Norte and Algarve, especially when one of them were drunk, made him conclude that sanity is grossly overrated. So he decided to leave it behind and started acting like he really feels.
  • Coimbra babysat Centro a lot when he was younger and they get along very well. That is how he got his love of pranks and academics. They still drink together, especially during the Queima . 
  • When he was still a child, Centro managed to set the end of Asturias’ hair on fire on a silly bet with Coimbra. Asturias is still sore at them about that. 

Relationships Edit

Older sister (adopted).
Partner in crime.