The character Coimbra is owned by Queijo Marmelada

Coimbra by queijo-marmelada

Headcanons Edit

  • Coimbra might look like just a fool running around and drinking until he falls, but he always had his duties very clear. He could just not let his brother legacy fall to scraps. He knew what he need to do and never backed away, he kept his eyes in the goal and back then he was a ruler. But his legs were cut off. And since then Coimbra decided to back away and have his freedom. He has the freedom to be a student again from time to time, he can be irresponsible, and choose to live as many lives as he wants. But that also allows him to whisper at young ears about revolutions, liberalism, republics, coups and regicides. (Source
  • Coimbra usually lives with other people, so it’s already a big mess without any animals, but he used to have a big pack of pets back in the days. (Source )
  • What Coimbra notices fist in people: he follows a nice smile and eye contact. (Source )