is the personification of the Autonomous Community of Extremadura, Spain.


  • Name: Extremadura (Estremaura)
  • Language: Castilian Spanish, Extremaduran, A Fala, Portuguese
  • Human name: Hernán Hernández Pizarro
  • Sex: M
  • Physical age: 29 yo
  • Height: 180 cm
  • Weight: N/A
  • Hair color: Light brown
  • Eye color: Green

Headcanons Edit

  • His voice image is Midorikawa Hikaru in his role as Heero Yuy (GW). 
  • Extre likes and dislikes nothing in particular when it comes to food, entertainment, or other banal things. He was, and still, a hedonist, and anything he can enjoy, he will. He has not much of a morality, and until recently, was not really able to sympathize with anyone. He will kill women and children if they get into his way, which was why he made such a good crusader and conquistador. However, owning to that exact personality, he doesn’t really have much goal in life, and so live day to day, mission to mission, not caring about the past nor the future. His goals are usually defined by anyone he decided to let take control of him. 
  • He was born with very high intelligence that people around him, even other countries, just simply can’t keep up. In his head, he thinks a lot and fast. Everything around him is just too slow, even his own mouth, so he prefers to just shut up, or talk in the least possible words needed for people to understand (in Japanese language, he talks in kanji only for about 90% of the time). But sometimes, when he really really wants to make a point, he will talk. And boy can he talk. But in order to actually talk like that, he needs to slow down his thought process, something that he doesn’t like, hence the rarity of the occasion. 
  • He doesn’t have much expression on his face because it was just too much of a bother and pointless. For him, emotions are amusing only when its on someone else. Out of boredom, he always tried to amuse himself with things, ranging from random pranks coming out of nowhere to breaking into the room of someone he wants to fuck. However, nowadays, he started to learn to enjoy his own emotions instead of just deriving amusements from others’. 
  • His hedonistic ways probably came from his days under Ancient Rome. However, Hispania was there then to control him and tell him what he should do or not, so more or less, he was under control and relatively innocent. When Visigoth came and attacked the Iberia, he lost Hispania and her control. He learned how to survive and became pretty much the man you don’t want to meet in a dark alley in the middle of the night. During the Ommayyah rule, he met again with Hispania and they had several kids whom he barely saw because he was too busy crusading with Asturias. After Hispania’s disappearence, he decided to let Castille, who looks a lot like her mother, be his control. 
  • Eventhough he met Andalusia a view times beforehand, he only got to know him after the latter got sent to the Americas with him. Bored with all the blood and conquering, he later took interest in him. It amuses him that the latter was totally devoted to Spain, and that amusement turned into curiosity, and the curiosity later turned into obsession. It later occurred to him that he might have an attraction toward Andalusia and he doesn’t like it. Deducing from his experience that one can lose interest in something easily by obtaining that very thing in one way or another, he did exactly the same to Andalusia. The attraction didn’t go away, unfortunately, and he was forced to face this new feelings of regret that unsuspectingly occurred everytime Andalusia flinched at his touch. Later after he was recalled from the Americas, the situation in the Iberia and actually living with his children forced him to rethink of his detachments from people, especially them, and by the end of the Peninsula War and the later Civil War, he was a changed man. He still couldn’t make expressions on his face easily after centuries of not doing them, but it became easier for him to not detach himself from the people around him and actually start caring. 
  • There was a time when Extremadura looked younger than his son Leon. This happened around the World Discovery era, because Extre was too busy spilling blood to do some growing up. Then things happened, shit hit the fan, Peninsula War happened and he went back to Spain and had to do some growing up.
  • Spain doesn’t really see Extremadura as a father, seeing that he was never around anyway when he was younger, busy reconquistaing back during the Reconquista (Order of Santiago) and during the Golden Era (conquiring the Americas) when he wasn’t off boning someone. But while Spain doesn’t really see Extre as a father, he does try to treat him with respect. After all, Extre did help with all the conquering in the Americans, and Castille would have his head if he upsets the old man (not the the old man seems to be able to get upset at all, poker face as he is). He finds him quite pleasant, if not too wordy, and all in all, he was a great person to hang around with if he’s looking for someone who would not be too overbearing and willing to stay with him without asking any question. 

Relationships Edit

Housemate, lover.
Childhood friend.
Adoptive father.

Author's Notes Edit

  • Why Extremadura as Leon, Castile, Spain and Port's father?
Emerita Augusta (modern day Merida) used to be the capital of Roman Lusitania and of Visigothic Hispania, so he was a part of both the Portuguese and Spanish history. Extremadura might not be a very attractive or infamous place nowadays, but it had its heydays, just like how medieval Galicia or Aragon were. But unlike Galicia or Aragon, Extremadura was never a kingdom. And has the mixture of all Leonese, Castilian, and Portuguese influence, while maintaining his own culture. So I see him like I see Ancient Iberia, a region that is related to all of those nations, but not necessarily one itself. It was easy for me to end up seeing him as the father of them kingdoms, but in a way that he was just a sperm donor and not necessarily involved in his children’s lives, unlike their mothers.

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