Omayyah and his family in the Moorish!AU.

Moorish!AU is an alternate history story based on the premise of what if the Christian kingdoms had failed the Reconquista and most of the Iberian Peninsula remained Muslim. In the story, Asturias failed to keep the First County of Portucale as his vassal, the Caliphate of Cordoba didn't break down into Taifas, but had several Emirates instead.

Names of the Characters Edit

Because several historical events didn't happen, several of the characters have different names with our timeline.

  • Algarve is Al-Gharb al-Andalus (West Andalus), later Emirate of Faro.
  • Andalusia is Al-Sharq al-Andalus (East Andalus), later Emirate of Valencia.
  • Portugal is Lusitaniya, later Emirate of Merida, nicknamed Little Portucale or Portinho, and later Emirate of Portugal.
  • Spain is Isbaniya, later Emirate of Toledo, later Republic of Spain.
  • Norte is County of Portucale.
  • Centro is County of Coimbra.



Moorish Iberia, 15th century


Moorish Iberia, 21st century