Norte (Portuguese: Região Norte, IPA: [ʁɨʒiˈɐ̃w ˈnɔɾt(ɨ)]; "North Region") is the personification of the Norte Region of Portugal. He was once known as the First County of Portucale, before the name was given to the current Portugal.

Although he acts and dresses elegantly, his speech and attitudes sometimes carry a lot of sarcasm and disinterest. He carries himself with a lot of pride and a sharp sense of dignity and even superiority. Because of that and sometimes his cold demeanor, he is seen as intimidating by many other people.

He enjoys his authority and values having control of every situation, to the point that he sometimes attempts to rise above wishes and situations that could compromise such securities.

However, there is knowledge of rare moments of him abandoning his 'mask' and indicating some vunerability. Because of that, it is believed he acts the way he does not exactly by nature, but as a way of protecting/barricading himself.


  • Name: Norte Region (Região Norte)
  • Language: Portuguese, Mirandese
  • Human name: Afonso Coelho de Magalhães
  • Sex: M
  • Physical age: 26 yo
  • Height: 169 cm
  • Weight: N/A
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Eye color: Green


  • His voice image is Ishida Akira in his role as Athrun Zala (SEED). 
  • For Norte, knowledge is the best weapon. He might have gotten this from Centro, who spends too much time behind those books. However, he doesn’t really like reading books. He prefers gaining his knowledge from talking with and listening to as many people as he could.
  • No one wields a sword like Norte. The combination of brain and brawn makes him nearly invincible. Unfortunately, once he got emotional, strategy goes out the window and he would be dangerous for everyone around him, enemy or not. 
  • You do not threat Portugal in front of Norte. Not if you want to go home in one piece.
  • Norte cannot handle his liquor well. Which is sad because he does love drinking and having too limit his alcohol intake while others merrily go crazy around him is rather painful. However, he has had too many instances of waking up in someone’s bed whenever he got drunk. Having Algarve or Centro around him when he drinks only makes it bearable because at least it’s either Algarve or Centro instead of any random stranger that happened to be in his vicinity.
  • Norte is technologically challenged. He can deal with simple machines like TVs, calculators, and land phones, but he just can’t seem to understand how to use computers or all those little gadgets that Centro seemed to be engrossed in all the time. He refuses to get himself a mobile phone, saying that everyone knows how to find him anyway and if they can’t then it’s not his problem. He works mostly with papers, using pens and pencils, and let his secretary does all the typings and emailings. Fortunately, he always hangs around Centro or Algarve at work or just stays home most of the time, so there is always ways to contact him. However, there was an incident when Norte just disappeared for a few days and nobody knew where he was and how to contact him, leaving everyone panicking. It turned out that Norte went going into an improptu hunting trip and did leave a note on Portugal’s desk, which was accidentally blown by the wind right into the trash bin. After that, Portugal insists that Norte always brings a homing device in his wallet, just in case anything like that ever happening again.
  • Norte can’t drive, eventhough he is an excellent equistrian. He is very good with horses, and they obeys him to a tee. Horseriding is instinctual for him, and horses serve more like an extention of his own legs instead of just a mere ride. But cars can’t seem to understand him and the last time he tried learning to drive, Portugal ended up having to bail him out of the local police station from charges of public disturbance. Centro testified that he did try his best to teach Norte and avoid collateral damage. Norte insisted that the car just wouldn’t listen to him, and why there were people on the street anyway? Algarve thought it was the funniest thing happened. Portugal banned Norte from ever driving again.
  • Norte is very good at cooking, as in, he’s very good at cooking recipes that he knows. However when it comes to new recipes he approaches them with so much wariness that it usually ends up not exactly how it should be. There is a reason why Port can handle England’s cooking /shot
  • Norte lives in a small house in Praça de Carlos Alberto, Porto. His house is filled with things he collected over the years.  Despite him not often going home, he keeps his house clean and comfy. Most of the decorations, clothes, and linens in his house is handmade by himself. Only Lisboa, Galicia, Port, and one random thief ever entered his house further than the foyer.
  • Norte is a light sleeper and can wake up at the slightest unusual sound unles he’s too tired. 


Younger sister. They don't often agree with each other much.
Mentor and father figure.
Co-worker and friend with benefit.
First lover.
Subordinate and more