Norte is Porto's son with Galicia; however, nobody is aware of the fact aside from Galicia and Braga.


Porto, Galicia, and Norte.

Norte was conceived when Porto was reconquered for the first time in 868, when the county of Portucale was founded by Vimara Peres – the same man that reconquered Porto(cale). But Porto never met young Norte until later, because Galicia didn’t think it was that relevant, and also because Porto, being a strategic place to invade Christian Galician lands (namely the best gateway to get to Braga and Santiago de Compostela), was pretty much constantly being attacked and jumping between Moors and Christians, so she put him in Gumarães where Braga can keep an eye on him. They only met in 988 when Porto was definitely reconquered. [headcanon by Queijo]


“Porto, I keep hearing Ma screaming in her room whenever a guy visits her, but she always says she’s okay whenever I check on her. Do you know what’s wrong with her?” Porto babysitting Norte for Galicia. He made sure he made Braga tag along too next time.


When Porto and Norte don’t have anything else to do but not in the mood to be alone, they usually just meet up in Café Âncora d’Ouro. This usually happens during lunch breaks or sometimes even Sundays after church. They would order some francesinha and later Porto always has his coffee with bagaço.

Distance between Porto's house and Norte's house

The distance between Porto's and Norte's houses.