At the beginning...


"Leão, you’re kidding me, right? What do you mean I have to babysit this lad?"

"You and Coimbra, Portucale."

"What?! But why?!"

"Oh, and the lad’s your new master."


"Oh, and have I told you that his name is Portucale, too."

"[censored for profanity]"

"Good luck."

And that was how the Second County of Portugal, later becoming a Kingdom of his own, came to be.

The First County of Portucale, now known as the Region of Norte, was not exactly happy to have to give his 'name', his 'land', and his 'existance' to the new boy.

Coincidentally, Leon gave him the task of training the boy.


Oh, yes, he would train the boy, alright.


"My dear lad, we are already beating you up to Heaven and back with the trainings. I’d rather you not beating yourself up as well."

"Shut up."

"…I know you want to free your brother from the Moors as soon as possible, but you need to be patient. You cannot get strong overnight."

"………..I wish I could."

"Yes, yes. Now go back to your room and clean yourself up."



"Maybe you should give the kid a break, Norte."

"You may shut up, Centro."

"Just saying."

Portugal was allowed to sleep in the next day, though.

There were times when Portugal would think that Norte might just hate him on principal. He realized that he had taken the man’s name, position, and quite possibly trampled his dignity just by existing there. The hellish batches of trainings Norte put him through didn’t exactly help the thought, and there were times when he seriously thought that he would just snap and hit the man. Or just try to disappear to make the man happy.

But then there were times when, being a young country, his health would ail once a while, and he would not be able to get up from his bed at all. In times like those, Norte would be the one who personally took care of him, even when the man himself was visibly ready to fall over, since back then, Portugal and Norte’s were not really that much different. But every time he tried to suggest for Norte to get a rest, the older man would just tell him to shut up and sleep.


Portugal sometimes wonders if that is just Norte being highly dedicated when he has set his goals. But thinking about the genuinely worried look Norte had during those times when he didn't notice Portugal was looking, Portugal would like to think that Norte really does care.

At the end, it was to no one's surprise that the Second County of Portucale later rebelled against the Kingdom of Leon and became the Kingdom of Portugal.

Except for old Asturias, perhaps.

And so they continue to reconquer their land from the Moors.

And Norte was not above crossdressing when it comes to winning a war.



"No, kid. Seriously, no. 'That' might look like a maiden, but literally does have a dick. I kid you not."

"……How do you know if you never seen it?"

"………………………can't say I haven't."

"What? Couldn't hear you well."

"Nothing, nothing."

Though Centro had to admit that it's not entirely the kid's fault he's confused....


“……What is this?”

“Nothing. Just, umm, thank you. For everything....”