Vicente is Portugal's babysitter secretary and personal assistant. 


  • Name: Vicente Pascoal Caçador (a.k.a Vincent Cazador) 
  • Birth date: August 31, 1977 
  • Birth place: Oporto 
  • Sex: M 
  • Height: 185 cm 
  • Weight: N/A 
  • Hair color: Brown 
  • Eye color: Gray 
  • Position: Portugal's secretary/PA (2007-current) 


  • While born and raised in Oporto, Vicente graduated the Colégio Militar in Lisbon and University of Coimbra in Public Administration. He served in the Navy for four years stationed in Portimão before becoming civil servant in Oporto Municipal Council. 
  • He speaks Portuguese (native), English, Spanish, Galician, French, and German fluently. 
  • He is a keen observer, good at gathering clues and hunting down targets. In his spare time, he likes reading and hunting. 
  • He was handpicked by Norte and was put through a rigorous test before being installed at Portugal's side for a six-month probation. He passed the test because of his love and devotion for his country, and the probation for being able to keep Portugal from running off and avoid paperworks by managing to hunt him down anywhere. 
  • He looks younger than his real age because of being in close proximity of his boss and the regions. He doesn't mind that at all, considering it a mere unfortunate side effect. Unfortunately, he also has minor ulcers no thanks to his boss, which he actually minds. 
  • Has a girlfriend who is a decade younger than him.